Heliport Lighting

Complete systems or individual Elevated Lights, Flat Lights, Floodlight, Guidance Lights, Inset Lights and Controllers for heliports, helipads or helidecks.

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TD/PM Circle-H offshore helideck system

Heliport lighting systems

Signalight is the trademark of Electromax, we are manufacturer and supplier for a complete system of lighting equipment’s and navigation, guidance systems.

We offers Helipad and Helideck Lights, FATO, TLOF, INSET, ELEVATED or FLAT, ALIGNMENT, AIMMING, Beacons, Windsocks, Perimeter Lights, Floodlights, Wind Cones for wind direction indicator, Approach Path Indicators, Solar, Portable Lights, and more.

As guidance we offer APAPI units, HAPI, SAGA, GPI for approach path or slope indicator.

Our range of controller covers all your needs for controlling the lights, powering and protecting the equipment’s on the helipad, helideck or heliport platform.

Applications are ground heliports or helipads, roof helipads, helideck platforms, Solar portable systems, approach lighting, Taxiway lighting, Emergency heliport lighting, Hospital heliports, Military or privat heliports.

TD-PM Circle-H

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