TD/PM Circle-H panels

TD/PM Circle-H panels - offshore helideck system for helicopter landing areas, made of lighting panels with LED lights, CAP437 lights, circle lights and H lights.

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TD/PM Circle-H panels

On offshore helidecks panels of lights are used to draw the circle and the H letter.

On oil rigs, the platform is made of metal and usually, there is no space or possibility to insert shallow bases. In this case, the Heliport Lighting panels must be installed directly on the platform. We propose fixing with welded bolts.

The panels are made in different shapes. To create the H letter in the middle of the helideck there are U shape, L shape and I shape panels. For the circle, there are just I shape panels.

The panels are made of anodized aluminum painted in white for the H letter and in yellow for the circle.

The disperser is made of thick polycarbonate, UV protected, impact-resistant.

All panels are poted into special resin making water increase impossible.

Electrical connections between panels are made with special fast connectors protected in a specially designed case with isolating gel. All electrical connections are protected with metal caps against impact and other mechanical stress.

The system of lights is powered by a heliport controller in low voltage, 48 VDC. The brightness is also controlled in three steps, 10, 30, and 100%.

Except for the panels, on helideck are needed flat perimetral green lights on the edge of the platform. There is also needed for wind direction indicators, heliport floodlights, obstruction lights, and heliport beacon.