Heliport Inset Lights

Heliport inset lights are low energy consumption, environment friendly and very reliable, with anti-condensation valve and UV protection. We can add different accessories to fit them according to your needs.

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Heliport inset lights

Heliport inset lights are LED underground lights mounted on shallow bases or base canes in helipad platforms for signaling the heliport FATO, TLOF, AIMING, ALIGNMENT, or TAXI.

These Heliport Lighting products are installed in specially designed underground bases.

We designed a smaller base easier and cheaper to install in the helipad platform because it needs less drilling and less resin to be fixed in the concert. The deep is also lower than standard shallow bases, just 130 mm or even 100 mm. This is very useful when the platform is not that thick.

In the shallow bases, you can easily make the electrical junction connection in the IP68 boxes we offer.

Usually, the lights are powered from the controller in low voltage and can be also dimmed in three steps, 10, 30, and 100%.

Optional the inset lights can be powered in 230 VAC having a fixed brightness.

All INSET lights are tested according to ICAO standards for photometric distribution and color and also for the environment test.

The lights were tested for low and high temperature, for the degree of protection IPX8, for life expectancy, static pressure, Shear load, Vibration, Surface temperature, Corrosion, etc.

The INSET lights passed all these tests proving that are reliable and can be used in any environment, in low or high temperature, dry or humid atmosphere.