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Airport Lighting

Guidance lighting Systems and Indicators, Runway elevated Lights and Controllers used on Runways for Airports and Aerodromes for the pilots to clearly identifying the characteristics of the landing surface

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Heliport Lighting

Complete systems or individual Elevated Lights, Flat Lights, Floodlight, Guidance Lights, Inset Lights and Controllers for heliports, helipads or helidecks.

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Our Customers

We, ORANGE Romania, hereby confirm our long-time business partnership over 12 years with Electro Max (the founding company of Signalight) and we can attest that their obstruction light systems installed on our telecom pylons have been very efficient and sustainable in operation.

Cristian Cirebea
Infrastructure & Planning Manager

Following our 10-year long collaboration, we are glad to recommend Electro Max as a trusted and proficient partner to any organization in the lighting field, either supplier, developer or end user.OSRAM Optoelectronic have identified Electro Max as a solid and professional developer and integrator for professional solutions, bringing relevant value, innovation and reliability to multiple projects, either for general lighting (street, architectural, industrial etc.) or for specialty lighting (ATEX, obstruction, airfield, heliport).

Luan Nguyen
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Gmbh