Helicopter Approach Path Indicator – HAPI

Helicopter Approach Path Indicator is a unit showing 4 signal format providing an “above slope”, an “on slope”, a “slightly below” and a “below slope” signal

Certified According to Standards:

  • International Civil Aviation Organization, Aerodromes, Annex 14, Volume 2, Fourth Edition, July 2013
  • Photometric – (ICAO) Figure 5-11 and 5-15
  • Chromaticity – Section
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Product Code AL-117-76-GR-RE
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Helicopter Approach Path Indicator – HAPI

  • Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in min
  • LED technology
  • Lightweight, low-energy and environment friendly lighting fitting
  • Extensive use of aluminium alloys reduces fitting weight and eases handling in the field
  • Housing powder-coated aluminium, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)
  • Anti glare visor powder-coated aluminium, RAL 9005 (gloss black)
  • Diffuser hardened front glass for sandblast protection
  • Cable gland nickel-plated brass
  • Fastening system powder-coated aluminium, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)

Electrical Characteristics

  • Power consumption max. 50W
  • Power supply 110/230V AC from mains

Connecting to a 110/230V AC supply:

  • The 110/230V AC LED APAPI is supplied with a 3-core (3 x 1.0 mm2) 1 m flying lead
  • The overall diameter of the cable is nominally 7.5 mm.
  • Connect the free ends of the cable to the proper voltage source



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Helicopter Approach Path Indicator – HAPI

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