Heliport Lighting

Complete systems or individual Elevated Lights, Flat Lights, Floodlight, Guidance Lights, Inset Lights and Controllers for heliports, helipads or helidecks. All the Signalight's products ensure that our heliport lighting systems accomplish the client needs and respect all ICAO and FAA regulations.

Heliport Airport Controller V3

Heliport Controllers

Heliport Controllers - Electrical cabinets designed for powering and controlling the lights and the guidance systems on the heliports. Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, the heliport lighting controller makes the guiding activity on the heliport more efficient.

Heliport Controllers

Heliport Lighting

What types of heliport/helipad lights does Signalight design and manufacture?

Signalight offers complete systems for lighting helipads.

The role of each component of the system is well defined so that helicopter pilots can land safely, in any weather condition, at any time, diurnal and/or nocturnal, especially when it comes to different emergencies.

At the same time, Signalight aims to provide systems with low electricity consumption, made of the best quality materials, resistant to environmental conditions so that the operation of helipads in optimal conditions to be done in long term.

We deliver, therefore, complete standard lighting equipment for helipads, ICAO compliant or certified, following STANAG, FAA aviation standards, but also systems according to projects with specific requirements, custom, of lighting for helipads.

All products are designed and built with high power LED technology, lightweight, low energy consumption and are environment friendly.

We can add different accessories in order to fit specific requirements.

Any light fixtures are provided with anti-condensation valve and have UV protection, designed to be installed on any type of surface.

Why choose the helipad lighting system produced by Signalight?

  • The robustness, performance and accessibility of these lighting systems, long operating life without maintenance, resistance to shocks and vibrations.
  • We deliver in a timely manner standard lighting systems or systems tailored to the client needs, anywhere in the world.
  • The products are durable, incorporating the latest technology and materials of the highest quality and according to international aviation regulations.
  • Our systems are easy to install and work regardless of the environment, offering safety and lighting at maximum power.

Where you can use our lights?

  • Ground heliports or helipads
  • Roof helipads
  • Helideck platforms
  • Emergency heliport lighting
  • Hospital heliports
  • Military heliports
  • Private heliports
  • Solar Runway lighting portable systems
  • Approach lighting
  • Taxiway lighting

What do we use in our helipad lights?

Signalight products are manufactured with OSRAM LEDs and premium quality materials and technologies to accomplish the best optical performance and to resist any environment from hot countries like Africa to cold ones in Russia, Canada, etc.

What do we offer for your heliport lighting projects?

We offer Helipad and Helideck Lights, FATO, TLOF, INSET, ELEVATED or FLAT, ALIGNMENT, AIMING, Beacons, Perimeter Lights, Floodlights, Wind Cones for wind direction indicators, Approach Path Indicators, Solar, Portable Lights, and more.

Elevated lights – are useful for the final approach and take-off areas on the heliports.

In this category, Signalight offers the following products:

Flat lights are easy and fast to install and no need for trenches for the cables:

Floodlight projectors are useful to highlight the obstacles, according to ICAO and FAA:

Floodlight projectors are available for 20W and 60W power consumption.

Inset lights are easy to fix on a base plate:

Controllers are smart systems for lighting and guidance in order to enhance the maximum helipads safety.

From simple to advance and other related products, Signalight offers a range of controller models. Our range of controllers covers all your needs for controlling the lights, powering, and protecting the equipment on the helipad, helideck, or heliport platform.

Guidance lighting systems for landing are essentials to indicate the approach directions:

Portable lighting systems controlled by radio

These portable helipad lighting devices are easy to carry and to be mounted on different types of surfaces, ensuring through its powerful light maximum visibility in any weather conditions: Polaris FATO, TLOF, TAXI, AIMING, APPROACH.