Heliport Lighting

Complete systems or individual Elevated Lights, Flat Lights, Floodlight, Guidance Lights, Inset Lights and Controllers for heliports, helipads or helidecks. All the Signalight's products ensure that our heliport lighting systems accomplish the client needs and respect all ICAO and FAA regulations.

Heliport Airport Controller V3

Heliport Controllers

Heliport Controllers - Electrical cabinets designed for powering and controlling the lights and the guidance systems on the heliports. Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, the heliport lighting controller makes the guiding activity on the heliport more efficient.

Heliport Controllers

Heliport Lighting

What do we use in our helipad lights?

Signalight products are manufactured with OSRAM LEDs and premium quality materials and technologies to accomplish the best optical performance and to resist any environment from hot countries like Africa to cold ones in Russia, Canada, etc.

What do we offer for your heliport lighting projects?

We offer Helipad and Helideck Lights, FATO, TLOF, INSET, ELEVATED or FLAT, ALIGNMENT, AIMING, Beacons, Perimeter Lights, Floodlights, Wind Cones for wind direction indicators, Approach Path Indicators, Solar, Portable Lights, and more.

As guidance, we offer APAPI units, HAPI, SAGA, GPI for approach path or slope indicators.

Our range of controllers covers all your needs for controlling the lights, powering, and protecting the equipment on the helipad, helideck, or heliport platform.

Where you can use our lights?

Applications are ground heliports or helipads, roof helipads, helideck platforms, Solar portable systems, approach lighting, Taxiway lighting, Emergency heliport lighting, Hospital heliports, Military or private heliports.