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Why choose Signalight products

  • Premium quality - we use the best materials suitable for airfield products
  • Customizable OSRAM LED products - with high efficiency optical solutions
  • One-stop-supplier - we manufacture all the products you need for you system
  • Extreme reliability - suitable for extreme whether conditions

Safely guiding your way

We design and manufacture a wide range of professional lighting solutions for the heliport, airport, obstruction, and portable lighting systems. From desert to tundra, our products deliver premium quality and keep your pilots safe by increasing flight operation efficiency. We offer complete solutions from the control system, radio-controlled lights, perimeter lights, taxiway lighting, inset, flat or elevated lights for surface level or elevated heliports, guidance systems and electrical junction boxes. All our helipad lighting systems and airfield lighting are according to ICAO and FAA standards.

APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator

Precision Approach Path Indicator – APAPI

AL 088-30-WH-RE

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Runway Guard Light

Runway Guard Light

AL-026-48-XX (XX = RE or AM)

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Product Development

Except for our standard products, we can design and manufacture different other lights or equipments used in the airfield systems. Our customizable airport and heliports lights systems come with exceptional value through a carefully thought set of services, aimed to assist you at every step: design, system setup, test, operation, and maintenance. If you need a customized solution for your heliport or airport lighting system or a lighting system control you can contact us and we can manufacture it for you.

3D model design and simulations

We create 3D models by implementing customer feedback and lighting simulations to help find the best solution for your requirements.

Prototype execution and mass production

We manufacture prototypes and perform mass production following specifications for: industrial, mechanical, thermal and optical design.

Testing and certification

Our in-house photometric laboratory uses the latest technology to test and certify lighting solutions for production or market usage.

Since 1999, our heliport and airport lights are used worldwide by military and private contractors on grand, elevated and offshore helipads and on runways on aerodromes

airport heliports lights of signalight in the world
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Canada
  • Maroc
  • Nigeria
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • France
  • Colombia
  • Jordan
  • Romania
  • Bolivia
  • UAE
  • and many more
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Our Customers

We, ORANGE Romania, hereby confirm our long-time business partnership over 12 years with Electro Max (the founding company of Signalight) and we can attest that their obstruction light systems installed on our telecom pylons have been very efficient and sustainable in operation.

Cristian Cirebea
Infrastructure & Planning Manager

Following our 10-year long collaboration, we are glad to recommend Electro Max as a trusted and proficient partner to any organization in the lighting field, either supplier, developer or end user. OSRAM Optoelectronic have identified Electro Max as a solid and professional developer and integrator for professional solutions, bringing relevant value, innovation and reliability to multiple projects, either for general lighting (street, architectural, industrial etc.) or for specialty lighting (ATEX, obstruction, airfield, heliport).

Luan Nguyen
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Gmbh
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We returned victorious from München, with the Innovation Award for our VISTA system, but also with valuable information and knowledge. We have met great people and we enjoined a very well-organized event. Thank you, Inter Airport Europe ! Stay with us to be updated with our latest news and insights about lighting systems for airports, […]

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Saving energy for airport activities

Saving energy is the main discussion these days. Usually, airports consume 70% for electricity and 30% for heating, all these meaning up to 180M kWh per year. Saving energy is mandatory for reducing costs. A global goal for airports by 2050 is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% from their levels in 2005 and this […]

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