Heliport Controller V3

The V3 controller has the purpose of powering, controlling, and monitoring the lighting circuits and guidance systems on the heliport or airports.

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The controller has a number of maximum 8 output independent circuits. These circuits can be configured in the factory on different outputs:

  1. 230 VAC for floodlight projectors for example or the wind direction indicators
  2. 48 VDC, used usually on heliports for INSET or ELEVATED lights and GUIDANCE systems. These lights are dimmable in three steps, 10, 30, and 100%.
  3. 1.4 A DC, constant current serial circuits, used usually on Airports where the circuits of lights are on long-distance and we don’t want to have a big drop of voltage and power on the cables. This type of circuit can be used even on heliports where the controller is far from the heliport.
  4. Heliport beacon output, special for heliport beacons. When a heliport beacon is present in a system, we add inside the controller a module for flashing sequence. On this output, the brightness is 3%, 10%, and 100%.

This controller has different control options:

  • From the front door buttons
  • Remote control using a console connected with a cable
  • Remote control using an application on PC
  • Remote control using GSM modem and ANDROID smartphone application
  • Using air to ground radio control systems or PAL (pilot activated lighting)


  • Input power range: 110-240V AC
  • The casing is made of powder-coated metal
  • LCD Display
  • 3-step brightness control
  • 8 output independent circuits
  • failure alarm monitoring with buzz sound
  • control rights settings

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Heliport Controller V3

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