Heliport Elevated Lights

Heliport Elevated Lights mounted on base plates with frangible coupling. Manufactured from high-quality materials, our lights are specially designed for the approach and take-off procedures.

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Heliport Elevated Lights

On a heliport, the lights on the perimeter can be elevated. These lights can be WHITE or GREEN, depending on if the TLOF is combined or not with the FATO area.  TAXIWAY lights can be also elevated, the APPROACH lamps, and sometimes AIMING lights.

An elevated light is easier to install because there is no need for a shallow base installed into the platform. The lamps are installed on a base plate with frangible coupling. The electrical connexion is made under the base plate into a small space created to fit the junction box.

Sometimes the connexion can be made directly on the cable coming from the platform.

The maximum height of the lights is not more than 250 mm.

The lamps are having a round shape and have low exposure to the wind.

The material of the cases is aluminum for better cooling. Another advantage of aluminum is that this material is not corrosive. All case parts are painted in powder coating in yellow color.

All assembling elements are made from stainless steel.

The disperser is made of polycarbonate, a very strong material, resistant to the impact of a minimum of 20 Jouls and also UV protected.

The optical modules are made with high power and efficient OSRAM LEDs. The lenses are specially designed for the best optical performance.

We use gaskets and sealing methods to prevent water increase and condensation.