Visual Alignment Guidance System

The Body, Cap and Support of the flashing unit are made of aluminium alloy, phosphated and painted in aviation yellow (RAL 1004). All fasteners are made of stainless steel.

The Visual Alignment Guidance System is located in such manner that a helicopter is guided along the prescribed track towards the landing area.

The Visual Alignment Guidance System mainly consists of two flashing units located symmetrically on both sides of the runway.

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Electrical Characteristics

Power consumption: 25W
Power Supply: 90-260V, 50/60Hz
The two light units of the system are linked together by electrical wiring.

The operation as the VAGS system is automatically stopped when at least one of its light units is out of service. A signal is available for monitoring of this default status in the control room.

Depending on his position on the approach axis, the pilot will receive visual information in term of two flashes supplied by the two flashing units of the system. If the pilot is on the axis ±0.45°, the two flashes are simultaneous.


Visual Alignment Guidance System Accessories

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Visual Alignment Guidance System

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