Heliport Floodlights

Heliport Floodlights - projectors for floodlight systems of the helipads. We manufacture floodlights systems with high luminous efficiency according to all international standards in aviation.

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Heliport Floodlights

Heliport Lighting Floodlights are high-power LED projectors with narrow or medium beams for floodlight systems of the helipads.

The projectors are having a maximum of 250 mm high. The construction is made of aluminum and polycarbonate.

The fixing system is frangible, made with frangible coupling or with frangible brackets.

All fixing elements are made of stainless steel.

We use a shield on top of the projector acting as a cutoff to prevent the pilots to be disturbed by the strong lights.

The elevation angle can be adjusted and secured using the two systems on the side of the projectors.

The electrical connection can be made using the IP68 junction boxes made of polycarbonate or aluminum, the same kind we propose for all our lights.

We can make simulations to check the best combination of projector number, power, focus, and position. According to ICAO  the average light intensity on the TLOF are should be 10 lx and uniformity of 1 to 8 between minimum and average.

In these projectors, we use high-power, efficient LEDs made by OSRAM. we also use performant optics to create the light beam.

The power input is usually 230 VAC but we can use low voltage for powering the floodlights.

Usually, no dimming is required but if needed we can use tree step dimming.

The floodlight system can be controlled from the main heliport controller so it is possible to turn ON/OFF the projectors and optional to change the brightness.