Heliport Flat Lights

Heliport flat lights are designed for mounting directly on the surface of the helipad without a shallow base or trances for cables. Using high power LED technology, heliport flat lights are low energy consuming and environment friendly.

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Heliport Flat Lights

In this Heliport Lighting category, we propose flat lights with no need for shallow bases.

Usually, standard installation on a heliport is to pour the concrete over the pipes where the cables will be later installed. After this, you have to drill the holes for the shallow bases. Then put the cables into the pipes, install the shallow bases, level them, pour special resin to fix the shallow bases then install the lights. All these procedures cost time and money and later it will be difficult or impossible to change something in the installation.

What we propose are two options, flat lights type F and flat lights type FD (with integrated junction boxes).

The first type of light is used on elevated heliports where there is space under the platform to make the electrical connections. So you just have to drill a hole for the cable to cross through the platform. Under the platform, all connection boxes and cables can be later installed.

The second option is with flat lights with integrated junction boxes. All the cables are protected with aluminum profiles. This system is used on existing platforms. The installation is fast and cheap to be done.

All flat lights are low profile, maximum 25 mm high, made with LEDs and aluminum.

We can make flat lights as TLOF, FATO, AIMING, ALIGNMENT, FATO, and TAXIWAY.