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Buildings, towers, high voltage poles, industrial chimneys, or other high obstacles which require lighting, can rely on our customizable obstruction systems.
Obstruction lights are vital in making tall structures visible to passing aircrafts no matter day or night, even in difficult conditions: snow, rain and fog also. Signalight obstruction lighting systems are designed and manufactured according to the international regulations ICAO, FAA.

Obstruction lighting systems made by Signalight are highly efficient and extremely durable, even in tough climate conditions. They provide useful customization options, allow different ways of configuration, and can be powered from the electrical grid, via a battery, or with solar power.

Obstruction lights systems +

What is the purpose of obstruction lighting systems? 

Signalight provides obstruction lighting systems for the toughest conditions around the world, helping pilots to identify obstacles and ensuring the safety of high-rise structures. 

Independent solutions are simple, with no wiring required from each lamp to the controller. The lamps are powered from a local power supply, have a built-in twilight sensor, and are pre-wired with 2 m of cable for connection in the existing connection box.

If the obstruction lighting lamps are flashing and these flashes need to be synchronized, we can incorporate a GPS module in the lamp to achieve synchronization. The downside is that these lamps are a bit more expensive than lamps that work in a controller-based system, but overall, independent lamp systems are cheaper. Possible errors cannot be reported.

Optionally, the lamps can be equipped with battery modules, to work even in the absence of the primary energy source. The batteries are dimensioned according to the desired autonomy. Also, there are low intensity obstruction lights and medium intensity obstruction lights systems.

What color are obstruction lights and what do they mean?

  • Red obstruction lights – flashing red beacons (20 to 40 flashes per minute) and steady burning red lights used during the nighttime.
  • White obstruction lights – flashing white lights used during daytime and twilight with reduced intensity during the nighttime operations.

Where are obstruction lighting systems used?

Any structure that exceeds an overall height of 61 m above ground level should normally be marked and/or lighted. According to ICAO, medium intensity obstruction lights must be used for aviation obstacles higher than 45 m. These obstacles can be:

  • Buildings
  • High voltage network pylons
  • Chimneys 
  • Cranes 
  • Electricity masts 
  • Water tanks 
  • Wind turbine obstruction lights 
  • Tower obstruction lighting systems 
  • Telecom obstruction lighting systems

Download presentation of Obstruction lighting systems:

Obstruction light Brochure

Obstruction light Brochure

Obstruction lights systems +

What are the main types of obstruction lights?

  • Low intensity Obstruction Lights –  are manufactured in two models, type A and B, 10 or 32 cd, These lights are omnidirectional RED, steady, and made with LEDs. There are also double or also called twin omnidirectional lights type A/A and also type B/B. The power input can be in 230 VAC from the mains or in low voltage, 12, 24, or 48 VDC. The material used is aluminum for the body, polycarbonate for the disperser, and stainless steel for the fixing elements.
  • Medium intensity Obstruction Lights – for aviation obstacles higher than 45 m, according to ICAO medium intensity obstruction lights must be used. Also, there are 3 types of medium lights:
    • Type A – During the day stronger lights must be used, flashing, 20000 cd WHITE color, omnidirectional beam. This light can also be used during the night but must be dimmed to 10% so just 2000 cd.
    • Type B – is flashing RED, 2000 cd. It can be used alone or in combination with low intensity obstruction lights type B.
    • Type C – is steady RED, 2000 cd.
  • Solar Obstruction Lights – is an environmentally friendly solution but sometimes can be the only solution when it is difficult or even impossible to use traditional obstruction lighting. The system can be manufactured with an output of 12 or 24 VDC. From this system can be powered a single lamp of low intensity or medium intensity or a complete obstruction light system made of more lamps. These systems are customized, the panels and batteries are dimensioned according to the number of lamps in the system, the desired autonomy, and the latitude at which the system works. Power supply systems can be created for a single lamp or for the entire beacon system.

Why choose obstruction lighting systems manufactured by Signalight?

At Signalight, a brand developed by ELECTROMAX,  we manufacture high quality products, aligned with all the aviation reglementations and requirements. With 22 years of experience, the company is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of LED lighting systems, marketed worldwide. Our obstruction lighting systems are made in our production facility in Petrosani, Romania. We use OSRAM certified quality, and our obstruction lighting catalog includes the following products:

It is important to have in mind the following requirements, described in the official documents:

How to use the controller systems? 

In this type of system, the lamps are powered and controlled by the controller. In this case, both the twilight sensor and the flashing module are in the controller.

The controllers are always customized according to the system and can be equipped with an alarm and/or a redundancy system. The number of alarm/redundancy modules depends on how many lamps are in the system and how many lamps will be monitored. The disadvantage of such a system is that it requires long cables, from each lamp to the controller, to compensate for cable losses.

We manufacture and also customize Controllers for Obstruction lights if you need special functions.

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