Flat Alignment-FD

The Heliport Alignment lights are steady omnidirectional white lights designed to mark the direction of the approach and/or departure path.

Alignment Lights can be in a number of 3 or more at 1.5 m to 3.0 m spacing.

These lights should be located on and outside the arrow showing the direction of the approach.

This series of lights includes an integrated electrical junction compartment where you can create a connection to the power and control cabinet or controller. The connections are made using lever connectors for Quickly and Safely installation and after the connection is made the connectors are protected into an IP 68 isolating gel box.

The main advantage of the FLAT FD lights is that there is no need for drilling or cutting trances for the installation of the lights or cables. All installation is made on the existing platform.

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Product Code AL-075-03-WH-FD
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  • Housing powder-coated aluminum, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)
  • Diffuser – hardened glass
  • Diffuser flange – nickel-plated ring
  • Cable gland – nickel-plated brass
  • Fasteners – stainless steel

Electrical Characteristics

  • The power supply can be a heliport controller V2 or V3. In this case, the control is also made in three steps from the heliport controller. Power input can be low voltage, 48 V DC or it can work in constant current when the distance from the heliport controller to the lights is long and this will generate a big drop of voltage on cables.
  • Optionally it can be powered at 90-230V, 50/60Hz but the light fixtures will no longer have the dimming function, in this case, it is recommended to use an electrical cabinet including all protections
  • The total power is just 9W


  • Flat lights were tested for working environments from -50 to + 50 °C
  • The degree of protection is IP 68

Optical characteristics

  • The light source is made with WHITE LEDs and special lenses to obtain the ICAO specifications
  • The color and lights distribution passes the tests according to ICAO into an external recognised laboratory
  • The expected lifetime for LEDs is more than 100000 working hours


•  Surface or ground Heliports and Helipads
•  Elevated Helipads
•  Offshore helidecks

Flat Alignment-FD Accessories

Download Flat Alignment-FD datasheet

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Flat Alignment-FD

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