Portable Lighting Polaris

Portable Lighting Polaris for Airport or Heliport light powered from internal batteries and controlled by radio. This portable lighting device is easy to carry and to be mounted on different types of surfaces, ensuring through its powerful light maximum visibility in any weather conditions.

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POLARIS - Portable Lighting

These lamps are portable, autonomous lights, with batteries to replace any type of for airports, heliports, or obstruction lights. We can manufacture:

Heliport lights:

  • TLOF
  • FATO
  • TAXI

Airport lights:

  • Runway edge lights
  • Threshold lights
  • End lights
  • Approach lights
  • TAXI
  • Combined Threshold/End lights
  • Unservisability lights

Obstruction lights:

  • low-intensity type A or type B

There are more models, options for portable helipad lighting units or airport/heliport portable lights. It can depend on the control of the lights. This can be:

  • local, from the buttons on the front panel of the lights
  • using a simple remote control by radio to turn the lights ON/OFF, to change the brightness, to switch between visible and invisible light
  • using a complex system where all the lights can be controlled using a PC application where the lamps are visible on a map with the real GPS coordinates.