Airports lights system

Discover our VISTA system, designed for non-instrument runways or non-precision approach runways.

This system comprises medium or low intensity and is intended for small and medium-size airports. The design of the runway lighting system is similar with the high intensity systems but the lamps have a lower brightness output.

VISTA system +

We consider high-intensity systems lamps fully compliant with ICAO Isocandela diagrams. These values are achieved when the lamps are powered to 100% intensity on step 5 of the CCR. Our medium intensity lamps are similar to 30% of a high-intensity lamp or what you get from a high-intensity system on step 4. The low-intensity lamps are similar to 10% of a high-intensity lamp or what you get from a high-intensity system on step 3.

In a low or medium intensity lighting system we have the possibility of controlling the lighting on three levels: 10, 30 and 100%.
So, in a high intensity system we have all 5 levels of intensity. In a medium intensity system we will have levels 2, 3 and 4 and in a low-intensity system we have levels 1, 2 and 3.

The power supply system is a series, in constant current, similar to a classic CCR. The difference consists in the fact that if at a CCR there is an alternating current, of 6.6 A in 5 levels, in our system we have direct current of a maximum of 1.4 A in three levels. Our system does not need current transformers. The voltage level is much lower in our system, of a maximum of 350 V DC.

The controllers used can have a maximum of 8 circuits, each circuit of a maximum 500 W. A system with a maximum power of 4000 W can be obtained. A lamp in the system has an average of 10 W, so an average of 400 lamps can be powered. This number is generally more than enough for a runway light system for a small or medium airport.
We also offer lamps powered by 110 V AC or 230 VAC. They have no light intensity control and require a simple power supply panel.

The lamps are elevated mounted on the base plates, with frangible coupling or on shallow bases. Another mounting option is on fiberglass pyramids.

In a system we can have:


– runway edge
– approach
– threshold
– end
– combined threshold / end
– taxi lights


Guidance signs
Runway guard lights
Wind cone
APAPI or PAPI system
APRON floodlighting system

– Controller 1 to 8 independent ON / OFF circuits  + brightness
– optional:
– remote console
– PC console
– Air to ground radio control
– GSM modem

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