Heliport Controllers

Heliport Controllers - Electrical cabinets designed for powering and controlling the lights and the guidance systems on the heliports. Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, the heliport lighting controller makes the guiding activity on the heliport more efficient.

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Heliport Controllers

Heliport Lighting Controllers are power and controlling electrical cabinets including input and output protections for the lights and guiding systems.

We manufacture more types of controllers, electrical cabinets made for lights powered in 230 VAC, basic controllers for lamps powered in low voltage, and having brightness control or advanced controller with more controlling futures.

The advanced controller can be optional controlled from distance using a smartphone application if we add a GSM module inside.

If a secondary control is needed in the tower for example we can use a console connected by wire RS 485. There is also the option to see the heliport system on a PC. It will show the exact replica of the system and there is possible to control all systems in the same way as from the controller panel.

The advanced controller can also be connected with the radio air to the ground receiver so the pilots can start the lights by clicking on the microphone from the cockpit.

If a basic or advanced controller is used, this will also include a beacon controller. If not you need a basic or advanced beacon controller . These units will control the flashing sequence and the brightness of the heliport beacon.

Most of the time we also customize this controller to match the requirements of the projects.

Don’t hesitate to ask for different functions in case the standard products described here are not 100% fulfilling your needs.