Airport Lighting

Guidance lighting Systems and Indicators, Runway elevated Lights and Controllers used on Runways for Airports and Aerodromes for the pilots to clearly identifying the characteristics of the landing surface

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Aiport lighting systems

Signalight is the trademark of Electromax, we are manufacturer and supplier for a complete system of lighting equipment’s and navigation, guidance systems.

We offer a complete system of runway lights for small Airports, Aerodromes, for permanent or temporary runways on airfields, including runway edge lights, threshold lights, end lights, approach lights, taxiway lights. This runway light systems can be low or medium intensity. We also offer controllers for powering, controlling and checking the lights.

As guidance we offer APAPI units, wind direction indicator taxiway signs, runway guard lights.

For big airports we offer all types of taxy way signs, mandatory, indication, location signs but also arresting gear marking, distance markers, runway guard lights.

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