Airport Elevated Lights

Airport Elevated Lights mounted on base plate with a frangible coupling. These lights are used on the runway as runway edge lights, end lights, threshold lights, or on the taxiway as taxiway lights. The casing is made of powder-coated aluminum and the diffuser is made of clear polycarbonate UV protected.

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Airport Elevated Lights

On VFR airports or non-precision approach airports, it is accepted a more simple lighting system made with just elevated lights on the edge of the runway.

The elevated airport lighting system includes:

  • runway edge light with two directional beams and one omnidirectional light. The directions lights can be white or yellow. The omnidirectional light is used for the pilot to identify the runway when they circle around the runway
  • end light with one directional red light for the pilots to identify the end of the runway
  • threshold lights with one directional green light for pilots to identify the threshold
  • combined threshold end lights where there are two directional beams, one red and one green
  • approach lights –  strong directional beams for the pilots to align on the correct approach path

All the elevated lights can be installed on different mounting:

  • fiberglass pyramids – frangible pyramid shape structure, white, with RED strip in the middle, used especially on grass
  • base plate with frangible coupling used especially on concrete or asphalt
  • shallow base and frangible coupling for mounting in the runway concrete

There are two types of lights, low and medium intensity, similar to what you will have on a CLASS I airport on step 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the CCR.