Airport Controllers

Airport Controllers are Electrical cabinets used for powering and controlling the runway lighting and guidance systems on Airports, Aerodromes, and Airfields.

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Airport Controllers

Airport Controllers are power sources and at the same time controllers for the runway lighting system, including the guidance systems. This controller includes all input protection, circuit breakers, main switch, EMI filters, surge protection, and all output protections. The lamps on the airports are powered in serial series to keep the current low so the loss in cables will be also low. It is the best solution for long-distance circuits, ideal for runways. We can have different circuits for runway edge lights for example and for the other type of lights. we can create interleaved circuits for the edge lights.

There are optional devices to add to the airport lighting controller:

  • GSM module – this will give the possibility to control the lights using an Android or iPhone smartphone. It is not just control of the lights and guidance system but also to check the current status and to receive alarms of the system in real-time
  • Console – usually the controller is kept in an electrical room so it will be useful to have a device in the tower to control the system. This will allow the user to see all the parameters of the controller and to control the system of lights just like if it will be close to the controller. The distance between controller and console can be up to 1000 m
  • PC console – this is an application on a computer where the user can see the exact replica of the airport lighting system
  • ARCAL (aircraft radio control of aerodrome lighting), PAL (pilot-activated lighting) also called PCL (Pilot-controlled lighting) is a device connected to the airport controller allowing the pilots to turn ON the lights on the airport at the desired brightness using the radio communication system they have on the airplane