TD/PM Circle-H Lighting System

Offshore heliports employ a wide range of offshore landing facilities, including Touchdown lighting system / positioning & circle markings.

Compliance to Standards:

  • ICAO: Doc 9261, Heliport Manual, Fourth Edition, 2020

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H TD/PM lighting system is made up of:

  • 4 pcs. AL-122-03-GR
  • 4 pcs. AL-123-06-GR
  • 8 pcs. AL-121-04-GR
  • 6 pcs. AL-120-05-GR
Product Code
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  • Housing: powder-coated aluminium, aviation yellow or white
  • Disperser: hardened glass
  • Disperser flange: nickel-plated ring
  • Fasteners: stainless steel
  • Light fixtures are UV protected

Electrical Characteristics

Power supply 48V DC from controller – dimmable: 100% ,30%, 10%

Power consumption

  • AL-120-05-GR – 10W
  • AL-121-04-GR – 8W
  • AL-122-03-GR – 6W
  • AL-123-06-GR – 12W
  • AL-124-03-YE – 6W

TD/PM Circle-H Lighting System Accessories

Download TD/PM Circle-H Lighting System datasheet

Datasheet PDF 700 KB Download PDF
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TD/PM Circle-H Lighting System

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