Photo Voltaic Panel System

Power supply for individual beacons or multiple beacons systems.

  • The photo voltaic panel system is designed for situations where it is difficult or impossible to power the obstruction lights from mains
  • The battery, charger and control unit are mounted in a resistant metal housing
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  • The battery, charger and controller unit are enclosed in an powder coated, IP 54, metal case

Solar Panel

  • Made of mono or poly crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Resist environmental hazards such as hail, snow, ice, and storms

Charger / Control unit

  • Standard controller or MPPT type for increased efficiency
  • The controller automatically turns on the beacon at night
  • The charger protects the battery from overcharging depending on the environment temperature
  • Is designed to enhance the power system performance, providing effective battery charging whilst ensuring the demands of the load equipment are met


  • The battery is not included for transport purposes

System Skid

  • The sliding system is designed to provide the possibility of adjusting the incidence angle of the photo voltaic panel between 0° and 45°
  • The installation of the equipment is made on a vertical tube
  • The diameter of the tube may vary from 30mm to 80mm

Electrical Characteristics

From this configurable solar power system the following types of beacons can be powered:

  • Low intensity obstruction light type A single or double – 1.5Wh
  • Low intensity obstruction light type B single or double – 3Wh
  • Group of low intensity obstruction lights type A or type B, single or double
  • Medium intensity obstruction light type A – white light flashing – 30Wh
  • Medium intensity obstruction light type B – red light flashing – 15Wh

System Configuration Options

  • Operating voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC
  • Solar panel power output: from 30W up to 200W
  • Charger / Control unit type: standard or MPPT
  • Battery capacity: 30Ah up to 200Ah

Download Photo Voltaic Panel System datasheet

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Photo Voltaic Panel System

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