Solar Obstruction Lights

Solar obstruction lighting is the best solution designed for environments where is difficult or even impossible to use obstruction lights with traditional power energy. Autonomous obstruction lights powered from solar panels.

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Obstruction Lights powered from solar panels

This system is an environmentally friendly solution but sometimes can be the only solution when is difficult or even impossible to use obstruction lights with traditional power energy.

We use a minimum of 30 W power solar panels and a minimum of 12 V 30 Ah batteries for very long autonomy for obstruction lights. These systems can work in very tough environments.

The system can be customized with bigger solar panels and batteries. It can be manufactured with an output of 12 or 24 VDC.

All the system is made to be installed on any vertical pole of a maximum 80 mm diameter.

From this system can be powered a single lamp low intensity (low intensity obstruction lights) or medium intensity (medium intensity obstruction lights) or a complete obstruction lighting system made of more lamps. we can use this system to power other types of lamps, not just obstruction lights. we can power for example the heliport beacons.

We can manufacture power systems with two independent solar systems working one as primary and the second one as spare. Also, we can use this type of system as a spare for the main powering voltage of 230 VAC.

In the electrical cabinet, we can integrate the control system for all the lamps, flashing synchronizing, day/night mode depending on the photocell sensor.