Controllers for Obstruction Lights

Controllers for Obstruction Lights - Electrical cabinets are intended for powering, protecting, and controlling the obstruction lights, low and medium intensity. An optional system able to indicate the occurrence of operating problems or designed for powering and monitoring obstruction lights, these power supplies for obstruction lighting are recommended.

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Obstruction Lights Controllers

The obstruction lights must be controlled using different types of devices. Can be a simple electrical cabinet or a more complex system.

A simple obstruction lighting system can use just a simple twilight sensor to turn ON the lights during the night and turn the light OFF during the day.

If the system is more complex, made from different types of lights, with day obstruction lights combined with night obstruction lights, synchronization, failure monitoring, redundancy, etc, the control must be more complex.

We propose radio controllers. This simplifies the installation because there is no need for cables from the controller to each obstruction light. All commands are sent by radio and the lamp reports are also received by radio.

The controller can be connected to BMS to signal that there is an error in the obstruction lights systems.

We can also make controllers with redundancy for the input power where the 230 VAC is the principal supply and the batteries are kept as emergency power.

In the controller can be integrated protections for lamps, surge protection, EMI filters, circuit breakers, etc.

We customize a lot all the time. If you need special functions you don’t find in our standard products please ask and we will make it.