Heliport lighting system for Hospital in Miercurea Ciuc


The Hospital in Miercurea Ciuc is the main emergency hospital for Harghita County covering a large number of cities and villages. They have more than 25000 people cured every year. The number of personnel increases every year, the same increase in the medical services and types of equipment. One of the major investments is the Hospital Heliport which now has a complete lighting system manufactured by Signalight.


The Heliport Hospital Miercurea Ciuc is a 15×15 square helipad designed for SMURD helicopters of maximum 3 tones. We followed all the ICAO and national rules in heliport design and construction as described in the Heliport lighting solutions. This system is an example of good practice in heliport designs.

This is a Ground-level helipad with LED inset lights for Touchdown and Liftoff  TLOF, final approach and takeoff Heliport FATO, and ALIGNMENT. The TLOF floodlight system is made with 60 W projectors. The guidance system for the preferable approach landing direction is made with two heliport lighting products:

The hospital heliport makes the transport of injured people faster and safer, the intervention time is reduced to a minimum, making the chances of survival increase in case of accidents or other illnesses when life is endangered.

All the lights are powered and controlled by a heliport controller. The users can switch on/off the lights and control the brightness in three steps, 10, 30 and 100%. With the heliport controller can be checked all the lighting systems for faults and malfunctions.

We simulated the lighting system and guiding system and it is very easy and simple to understand how all lights are working and what is the purpose of each light from the heliport system.

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Heliport hospital Miercurea Ciuc

Project Information

Location Miercurea Ciuc
Date March, 2020

Products used in this project

APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator

Precision Approach Path Indicator – APAPI

AL 088-30-WH-RE

SAGA Visual Alignment Guidance System

Visual Alignment Guidance System

AL 087-02-WH


Inset Alignment

AL-089-03-WH – ALIG

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