Heliport lighting system Maaden Mansoura gold mining, Saudi Arabia

Heliport lighting system for gold mine

Heliport lighting system by Signalight.
Mansourah-Massarah is the newest mining project by Ma’aden in the Central Arabian Gold Region that extends from the Red Sea coast to the middle of Saudi Arabia.

We delivered a complete system of heliport lighting products including FATO, TLOF, AIMING and ALIGNMENT INSET lights.

The heliport lighting system is using floodlight projectors of 60 W for lighting the TLOF area.

Guidance for the slope angle is made with APAPI system, Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator.

The wind direction and strength are indicated with an externally illuminated wind cone.

All these lights are controlled and powered by Heliport controller V3.

The lighting products designed and manufactured by Signalight for this special project:

– V3 controller for powering, controlling and monitoring the lighting circuits and guidance systems on the heliport Mansourah-Massarah.
– Inset TLOF (Touchdown and lift off area), Inset alignment, Inset FATO – Final Approach and Take Off Area and Inset aiming – who are characterized by high power LED technology in 100000 hours estimated lifetime. These lighting products are lightweight, low-energy consuming and environment friendly. All these lighting products and systems are certified according to ICAO and IEC TS 61827 standards.
– Also, the precision approach path indicator is lightweight, low-energy and environment friendly lighting fitting.
Heliport Beacon who is used especially when the helipads are surrounded by lights like in a city where it is hard to distinguish the heliports from the other lights. Signalight build beacon to be a powerful light, to signal the presence of the heliport. This product also is comply with ICAO.
– Floodlight 60W s for lighting and beaconing the heliport is certificated according to ICAO and IEC TS 61827 standards with high power LED technology. It’s lightweight, low-energy consuming and environment friendly.
– Wind direction indicator – giving clear and very useful information about the direction of the wind and also the wind speed.


Project Information

Location Mansoura, Saudi Arabia
Date September, 2021

Products used in this project


Inset Alignment

AL-089-03-WH – ALIG

APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator

Precision Approach Path Indicator – APAPI

AL 088-30-WH-RE

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