Polaris Approach

The values indicated below are higher than the 30% threshold specified in ICAO, Annex 14, Aerodromes, Volume I, Aerodrome Design and Operations, Seventh Edition, July 2016.

Portable aviation fixtures

The POLARIS Portable LED Lighting Kit is used to set-up a temporary or semi-permanent lighting system to allow aircraft or helicopters to land on grass strips, frozen lakes, roadways, or as an emergency runway lighting on major airports.

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  • Case material: poly-carbonate
  • Case color: aviation yellow (RAL 1004)
  • Diffuser: shock-resistant clear poly-carbonate – IK10
  • Battery type: lead-acid

Electrical Supply

  • Power supply is provided by 1 rechargeable sealed lead acid battery 12V – 12Ah
  • Power consumption: 9W

Main Beam

  • Horizontal azimuth: -10°/+10°
  • Vertical elevation: 2.50°/13.50°
  • Minimum average: 6100 cd
  • Minimum 3100 cd

Secondary Beam

  • Horizontal azimuth: -14°/+14°
  • Vertical elevation: 1.50°/14.50°
  • Minimum average: 1700 cd

Brightness level 100% (30%*)

  • Power (W): 9 W
  • Autonomy (hours): 16 hours

Brightness level 30% (10%*)

  • Power (W): 2.7 W
  • Autonomy (hours): 53 hours

Brightness level 10% (3%*)

  • Power (W): 0.9 W
  • Autonomy (days): 6.5 days

Polaris Approach Accessories

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Polaris Approach

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