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SIGNALIGHT is a top manufacturer of light obstruction system for airports, heliports and for any field that needs obstacles marking. SIGNALIGHT is a company, member of Electromax, with an extended experience of over 22 years in the design, manufacture and testing products with high intensity LEDs. Obstacle lights are frequently used to signal tall buildings, […]

SIGNALIGHT is a top manufacturer of light obstruction system for airports, heliports and for any field that needs obstacles marking.
SIGNALIGHT is a company, member of Electromax, with an extended experience of over 22 years in the design, manufacture and testing products with high intensity LEDs.

Obstacle lights are frequently used to signal tall buildings, including skyscrapers, towers, industrial chimneys, wind turbines, telecommunications installations, high voltage poles etc. Basically any structure could become an obstacle for flight equipment.

All SIGNALIGHT products and solutions comply with applicable regulations and standards: FAA, ICAO, European directives.

With an optimal and quality design, intelligent solutions from SIGNALIGHT are used in the most varied climatic conditions and ensure complete visibility of the points they mark.

Why are obstruction lights needed?

During the day, there may be various times when visibility is low: it may be fog or dusk, it may be snow or rain, etc. All these uncontrollable natural aspects affect visibility.

     Obstacle marking is usually done for buildings below 150 meters only at night or when visibility is low. Also, for buildings over 150 meters and during the day, with beacons with flashing white light, which makes the obstacle visible from a long distance.

Tall buildings, towers, industrial chimneys, telecommunications installations, wind turbines, high voltage poles – all that means vertical obstacles – are thus highlighted for maximum visibility.

The product range of obstruction lights from SIGNALIGHT includes: low and medium intensity lighting, to which are added power supplies and control panels, obstruction light controller but also power supply solutions through photo voltaic panel system.

Low Intensity Obstruction lights

These obstacle lights are ideal for towers, buildings and antennas (lower than 45 meters). Depending on the needs, SIGNALIGHT can supply them together with accessories: cables, internal twilight sensor or fastening system.

Medium Intensity Obstruction lights

They are suitable for vertical obstacles such as: towers, buildings, antennas (higher than 45 meters), wind generators and can be added accessories such as wall mounting bracket.

Power supplies and control panels

This is an optional device for obstruction lights, which indicate the occurrence of any operating problems.

Obstacle lights controller

This type of controller has the role of monitoring obstruction lights. It is high performance and includes protections, EMI filters, flashing synchronizing, light sensor, button for testing all fixture. It can be delivered with essential functionalities, at the clients’ request: redundancy, alarming, twilight sensor, synchronization etc.

Photo voltaic panel system

There are situations in which obstruction lights are difficult or even impossible to be powered from the mains. For these situations, SIGNALIGHT offers the solution of a photo voltaic panel system. The system is reliably being mounted in a resistant metal housing.

SIGNALIGHT products are extremely durable and high-performance, with a service life of up to 100,000 hours. Technology has evolved so much in recent years that SIGNALIGHT obstruction lights are today designed for low power consumption and can be easily installed at the needed points.

Also, the diffused light is stable and will not be affected by voltage variations. Such lights are functional regardless of the outside temperature, thanks to an extruded aluminum housing that maintains the right temperature.

It is therefore important that in the design of obstacle lights to take into account all existing variables related to the location area. And we do that at SIGHNALIGHT.

The location in the high points of obstruction lights is highly important, so that these lights must be of the best quality, produced and verified, with efficiency and viability demonstrated in real situations. And, of course, in accordance with international provisions.

What kind of obstruction lights can be used and how does it work?

The obstruction lights are of different colors, white or red, used at different intensities.

Thus, they can be:

  • Red obstruction lights – may be flashing or steady light on at night
  • White obstruction lights – can be used during the day and evening with automatically selected intensity
  • White obstruction lights with high intensity during the day and low at night
  • Flashing red lights or red lights steady light lit at night

It is very important to know that the obstruction lights ensure a 360 degree coverage and a consequent visibility of the structure they highlight.

SIGNALIGHT obstruction lighting systems are efficient and durable and can be customized, allowing different types of configuration, depending on customer needs. They can be equipped with different sensors, with GPS for syncronising all flashes.

At SIGNALIGHT the obstruction light systems are delivered as a result of a carefully followed process of design, configuration, manufacture, validation. The customer’s need most often requires customization and SIGNALIGHT ensures this.

Complete technical support for the integration of obstruction lighting is one of our strengths.

We therefore offer intelligent obstruction lights, we use the best materials during their production, the most advanced technologies and we are proud to be a stable partner of contractors all around the world.

An efficient, durable and adapted signaling to the client’s needs is the SIGNALIGHT partnership proposal.

For more details on obstruction lights solutions please visit: https://www.signalight.com/ web site and also our Signalight FB page or Signalight Youtube Channel







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