Airport lights systems produced by Signalight are vital for the safety of passengers and aviation personnel.

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At Signalight we are deeply connected with the aviation industry and our public, being an active presence at international fairs, pitches, networking, or celebration events.

We are developing as our industry is developing and we are in trend with the latest demands of our clients. Technology, innovative lighting solutions for the aviation field, being eco-friendly, design and manufacturing low consuming and ease maintenance lighting products are our strengths and we emphasize it all these in our day to day activities.

We are thrilled to announce our latest international recognitions such as the Innovation Award received at Inter Airport Munchen for our Vista airport lighting products. It’s such a great way to recognize our team involvement and capabilities.

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Innovation Award for Signalight VISTA system

We returned victorious from München, with the Innovation Award for our VISTA system, but also with valuable information and knowledge. We have met great people and we enjoined a very well-organized event. Thank you, Inter Airport Europe ! Stay with us to be updated with our latest news and insights about lighting systems for airports, […]

Saving energy for airport activities

Saving energy is the main discussion these days. Usually, airports consume 70% for electricity and 30% for heating, all these meaning up to 180M kWh per year. Saving energy is mandatory for reducing costs. A global goal for airports by 2050 is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% from their levels in 2005 and this […]

Keeping airport functional during repairing activities

Any runway needs maintenance operations and repairs at some point, after being used many times. After many landings and takeoffs is normal for an airport to need some repairs because of the damages: erases of the runway marking, damages of the pavement, the need of replacing the old illuminating systems. But, what happens with the […]

High structures need to be marked by Obstruction lights

According to FAA/ICAO Regulations every structure that exceeds 200′ above ground level needs to be marked (lighted) in order to be visible to the pilots and especially during low visibility conditions: during the night, snow, fog, rain and so on. Buildings, towers, high voltage poles, chimneys, wind turbines are just a few examples of high […]

Customizable lighting systems from Signalight

Did you know that Signalight also develop custom lighting products and systems? Here are the steps: 1. Together with the Client we define the requirements 2. We design the product 3. We create a 3D model and some simulations that we send to the Client 4. We receive feedback from the Client 5. We review, […]