Obstruction Light Controller

Controller designed for powering and monitoring obstruction lights

  • Used for medium and low intensity obstruction lights
  • Including protections, EMI filters, flashing synchronizing, light sensor
  • Button for testing all fixture
  • Customized, with optional functions like redundancy, alarming, twilight sensor, synchronization, etc.
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Product Code AL-OBS-19-XX
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The photocell is mounted on the front panel of the controller

The power supply controller is equipped with a test switch (this option is for medium intensity only).

Options to consider before ordering:

  • Flashing or steady (this option is for medium intensity only)
  • Number of medium intensity obstruction lights that will be powered from controller
  • With or without monitoring and alarm system (this option is for medium intensity only)
  • Types of beacons powered from the controller low and / or medium intensity obstruction lights (for low intensity – 230V AC and optional the photocell can be incorporated in the fixture)
  • An UPS can be added to the system to compensate for the lack of mains. The autonomy can be established depending on the system.

Download Obstruction Light Controller datasheet

Datasheet PDF 323 KB Download PDF
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Obstruction Light Controller

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