Obstruction Lighting

Low and medium intensity lighting for aviation obstacle marking. Signalight provides obstruction lighting for the toughest conditions around the world, helping pilots to identify obstacles and ensuring the safety of high-rise structures.

Controller for Obstruction lights

Controllers for Obstruction Lights

Controllers for Obstruction Lights - Electrical cabinets are intended for powering, protecting, and controlling the obstruction lights, low and medium intensity. An optional system able to indicate the occurrence of operating problems or designed for powering and monitoring obstruction lights, these power supplies for obstruction lighting are recommended.

Controllers for Obstruction Lights

Obstruction Lighting Systems

Signalight manufactures complete LED Obstruction Lighting Systems low and medium intensity, powered from the mains or in low voltage, from solar power systems.

We are suppliers for obstacle lighting systems for towers, obstacle lights, aviation warning lights, wind turbines obstacle marking, tall buildings red beacon marking.

We can create different types of systems from basic ones, simple, or more complex with redundancy systems, alarming, synchronization, failure detection, etc.

For some clients, we used different powering sources with solar power as a principal one and with the mains as secondary or with two solar systems, redundant, etc.

It is also possible to integrate into the lamp a small emergency power supply so the obstruction light will have power until a generator will start to supply power.

We help you to choose the best obstruction schematic for your project and to choose the best options.

Most of the time we customize our solutions to fit perfectly with the client’s needs.

Please contact us if you don’t find what you need on the list of our standard products.