Slemish Airfield

VISTA medium intensity elevated lights

Runway lighting system designed and manufactured by Signalight.

Slemish Airfield Airport is located in Buckna (Co Antrim), Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

Signalight provided airport lighting products and solutions for Slemish Airfield Airport.
Signalight produces runway and take-off LED lighting systems.
Signalight offers a complete system of runway lights for airports, and aerodromes, for permanent or temporary runways.
The performance and capabilities of our Vista system were recognized through Innovation Award at Inter Airport Europe, Munchen.
The complete premium quality range of Vista products keeps aviation safe by increasing flight operation efficiency:
• Vista Runway Edge
• Vista Taxiway
• Vista Threshold End
• Vista Approach
• Vista Threshold
• Vista Runway End
The runway light system is customized, having low or medium intensity. Also, we can add to our offer controllers for powering, controlling, and checking the lights.

As part of our innovative Vista system we used in this project:
• Vista Runway Edge
• Vista Taxiway
• Vista Threshold End

The runway lighting system manufactured by Signalight is made with medium intensity obstruction lights powered in constant current, in a serial circuit.
On this runway, we have two APAPI systems for both directions.
The control can be made from the controller panel or by the pilot using Air to ground radio system to start the lights on 10, 30, or 100% brightness.
Here we used runway edge lights with an omnidirectional component for circling guidance.
On both ends of the runway, we have combined threshold end lights.

All the Signalight airport lighting products for the aviation field, including runway lighting system, are based on advanced technology, easy of maintenance and are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

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slemish airfield runway lights

Project Information

Location Ballymena BT43 7HQ, United Kingdom
Date May, 2021

Products used in this project


L-854 Air-to-Ground Radio Receiver


Runway Threshold End elevated light

Vista Threshold End

AL 104-04-GR/RE

APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator

Precision Approach Path Indicator – APAPI

AL 088-30-WH-RE

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