Medical Heliport in Split – Croatia

Split is currently Croatia’s second-largest city, after the country’s capital, Zagreb. With a rich culture and many museums and galleries, it is a tourist hot spot, with more than 900.000 tourists visiting each year.

Split’s medical air service is very reliable, with experienced employees available 24/7, who can arrange medical transport for patients in the shortest time possible. The team’s aircraft have permanently installed intensive care equipment, with additional equipment available if required.

Such a heliport must benefit from a good lighting system, which assures the aircraft’s safer and faster take-off and landing. Therefore, for this project, the following products were used:

As always, Signalight offers top-quality products and lighting systems in compliance with FAA and ICAO regulations, while keeping in mind the customer’s specific needs.

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split heliport

Project Information

Location Split, Croatia
Date February, 2024

Products used in this project

SAGA Visual Alignment Guidance System

Visual Alignment Guidance System

AL 087-02-WH


L-854 Air-to-Ground Radio Receiver


Helicopter Approach Path Indicator - HAPI

Helicopter Approach Path Indicator – HAPI


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