HEMS base Warsaw Heliport

The use of aircraft to save human lives was first used in Poland during World War I, with the Ministry of Health and Social Security creating civilian medical aviation in 1955, soon after World War II, with 15 medical aviation teams set up, as well as the Central Medical Aviation Team in Warsaw.

These teams were meant to transport the patients, but also medicine, blood, vaccines , medical equipment, and medical consultants, operating in remote parts of the country.

In 1975, all of medical aviation started to use helicopters, the basic team consisting of a pilot, a nurse or a feldsher, and a mechanic. In 2000, the Minister of Health created the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS), dissolving the Central Medical Aviation Team.

Today, the helicopter teams finish over 8000 missions per year, 70% of which are HEMS flights, with a readiness to start up to:

  • 3 minutes (during the day, <60km radius)
  • 6 minutes (during the day, >60km radius)
  • 15 minutes (during the day, >130km radius)
  • 15 minutes (during the night, <60km radius)
  • 30 minutes (during the night, >60km radius)

Our Heliport lighting system allows for a safer and faster take-off and landing, increasing the chance of patients’ survival, as time plays a crucial part in these scenarios. As always, our products are made with top quality materials:

  • Elevated Approach – steady and flashing white lights
  • Elevated FATO – steady omnidirectional white light designed for marking the Final Approach and Take-off Area (FATO) area
  • Elevated Taxiway – steady omnidirectional blue lights designed for marking the taxiway path
  • Type A single – marks aerial obstacles, such as: towers, buildings, antennas
  • Heliport Controller V2 – a compact and simple device used to control and provide the power requirements of an entire heliport lighting system

Signalight‘s products and lighting systems comply with ICAO and FAA regulations, while also meeting the customer’s needs.

HEMS base Warsaw Heliport elevated close up

Project Information

Location Warsaw, Poland
Date July, 2023

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