Heliport – Parnassos Ski Center


Parnassos Ski Centre is Greece’s largest and most technologically advanced organized ski center. It operates 23 pistes, 7 ski routes and 7 trails, aimed at beginners, intermediate and good skiers, providing 12 off-piste routes for adrenaline lovers. On top of that, it has numerous facilities including a ski school, mass catering, equipment rental and two clinics, providing first aid.


The transportation of our products was rather difficult due to the harsh weather in the mountains, thus everything had to be transported by helicopter. In addition, everything had to be powered by solar panels, as there was no power available at the location, and our products had to be wrapped, in order to be protected from heavy rain and wind.


This is a ground-level heliport, suited for landing and take-off of helicopters and other vertical-lift aircraft. The project was made with Signalight‘s high-quality products, including the following:

The guidance system is made with a wind direction indicator, which gives the pilot a clear indication of the direction of the wind and a general indication of the wind’s speed.

The products and lighting systems used comply to the client’s needs, but also meet the ICAO and FAA regulations.

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Project Information

Location Mountain Parnassus, near Delphi
Date January, 1970

Products used in this project

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