Heliport – Air Ambulance Cosford

Midland Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) operates in six Midlands counties including Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. They are one of the busiest air ambulances in England, having responded to more than 70.000 missions in the past 30 years,  including cardiac arrests, road traffic collisions and sports injuries. The charity relies entirely on the support of local people and businesses, as it receives no funding from the Government or National Lottery.

Our heliport provides a safer and faster landing and take-off for the MAAC aircraft, thus increasing the chance of the patients’ survival in critical situations, regardless of weather.

This is a ground-level heliport for helicopters and vertical-lift aircraft. The lighting system contains high-quality products manufactured by Signalight, including the following:

The guidance system is made with a wind direction indicator, which gives the pilot a clear indication of the direction of the wind and a general indication of the wind’s speed.

The lighting system is controlled by the following:

  • Heliport Controller V3 – which power, controls and monitors the lighting circuits on the heliport
  • Console Controller – which is used for the remote control of the Heliport Controller V3. It allows turning ON/OFF the power on different circuits, choosing the brightness and checking the parameters on the display for the lighting and guidance systems.
  • The lighting system can also be controlled with the Air-to-Ground Radio Receiver or GSM.

Signalight’s products and lighting systems comply with the client’s needs, including high-quality materials and meeting the ICAO and FAA regulations.

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air ambulance cosford heliport

Project Information

Location Cosford - England
Date June, 2023

Products used in this project


L-854 Air-to-Ground Radio Receiver


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