Helicopter Base Białystok

Elevated lighting system on heliport in Poland for medical purposes was the core of this project. The “Build, Modernize and Equip Medical Air Rescue (MAR) Base” project built or renovated ten bases for the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) across the country to improve the performance of MAR teams in Poland

Signalight manufactured and provided efficient Heliport Elevated Lights, during modernizing polish medical air rescue bases:

  • Elevated Approach – is a constant and flashing omnidirectional white light.
  • Elevated FATO – is a constant omnidirectional white light designed to mark the final approach area and the take-off area (FATO).
  • Elevated Taxiway – is a constant omnidirectional blue light designed for marking the taxiway path.
  • Elevated Heliport TLOF – is a constant omnidirectional green light designed for marking the Touchdown and Lift-Off (TLOF) area.

These elevated lights are having an expected lifetime of more than 100000 working hours, being made with LEDs. To be more specific, the light source of the products is made with WHITE LEDs and special lenses according to ICAO standards.
Also, these lights are capable to be functional in working environments from -50 to + 50 °C and even in high humidity, having an IP 67 as the degree of protection.
The products are UV protected so they have great resistance to sun radiation.
Also, these lights are very stable in windy conditions.

All the Signalight heliport / helipad lighting products and systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.
This is the best guarantee of the quality and conformity of our illuminating products.
More projects developed by Signalight incorporating elevated lighting systems on heliports all over the world are available in the Projects menu. If you are interested to collaborate with Signalight for your special project, please send us the specifications.

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Helicopter Base Białystok

Project Information

Location Poland
Date May, 2021

Products used in this project

Heliport elevated TLOF light

Elevated Heliport TLOF


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