Polaris Radio Control System

Polaris Radio Control System using radio communication for runway lighting on airports or heliports

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Radio Control System Polaris

Polaris is a very complex system where all the units (lights and guidance systems) are communicating every few seconds with the central command system.

The base system includes:

  • an industrial computer where all data are stored together with the application
  • one gateway in charge with the communication protocol
  • one router to create a WiFi network
  • power sources and protection
  • omnidirectional high gain antenna

In the range of the WiFi, the user can connect to the application using any type of device like laptops, tablets, smartphones.

In the application, all devices can be controlled individually, in groups, or all at once.

The airport, heliport lights or portable helipad lighting units supports the following commands:

  • turn ON or OFF
  • change the brightness to 10, 30, or 100%.
  • make the lights flashing or steady
  • change the frequency of the light

The user can see all the devices on a map with real GPS coordinates.

If one device is selected can see:

  • battery status
  • temperature
  • light sensor measurements
  • status of the lamps
  • groups
  • type of device
  • parameters
  • etc

In case of failure, the device is signaled on the map. The same happens if the battery is low or if there is no communication with the lights.

In the application, you can create a scheduler with time programs when the lights are turned ON or OFF or when it should change the brightness.

There is also possible to create some rules related to the battery charging level, for example, if the battery is 30% the brightness to change to 30 % to extend the autonomy.

For systems like APAPI or PAPI there is a rule that turns OFF all the APAPI or PAPI lights in case one in failing.