VIP heliport – 2022 Qatar World Cup stadium


The Al Janoub stadium is the second among the eight stadiums that hosted the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It can host up to 40.000 spectators and its beautiful design is inspired by the rich heritage of the Al Wakrah region in Qatar, the stadium’s roof resembling the sails of the traditional Dhow boat.  Its modern features, such as its retractable roof and cooling system make it one of Al Wakrah’s tourist hotspots, thus boosting the city’s revenue.

On the occasion of the 2022 World Cup, we delivered various products for making the stadium’s very own VIP heliport, which now has a complete lighting system manufactured by Signalight.

A heliport is a small airport suitable for helicopters and other vertical-lift aircraft, made for safe landing and take-off, regardless of weather. Designed to suit the infrastructure requirements as well as the client’s, our heliport complies with all ICAO and FAA regulations. The development of such project requires quality products, thus Signalight offers the following, made with high-quality materials, the lighting products being efficient and durable, easy and quick to install and maintain:

The guidance system is made with one wind direction indicator, which gives the pilot a clear indication of the direction of the wind and a general indication of the wind’s speed.

All the Signalight illuminating products and systems are based on advanced technology, ease of maintenance, and are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO and FAA.
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Project Information

Location Al Wakrah - Qatar - Al Janoub stadium
Date November, 2022

Products used in this project

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