Matecaña Airport

Portable lighting system designed and manufactured by Signalight for this project.
Matecaña International Airport is an airport located in the city of Pereira, Colombia.

Signalight provided for Matecaña International Airport the complete Polaris range of products.

POLARIS is a portable airport lighting system used to set-up a temporary or semi-permanent lighting system. Polaris portable helipad lighting products allow aircrafts or helicopters to land on difficult conditions, or these are useful for emergency runway lighting on major airports. Polaris lighting system can be controlled by a radio remote control system using de radio band.

    • Polaris Approach lights
    • Polaris Runway Edge lights
    • Polaris Taxiway lights
    • Polaris Threshold lights
    • Polaris Threshold end lights

Polaris lighting system is easy to carry and can be mounted on any type of surface.
Its strong light ensures maximum visibility no matter the weather conditions.
The system is made from top quality materials:
• The body is made of polycarbonate.
• The diffuser is made of clear polycarbonate.
Polaris lighting system is manufactured by Signalight in white, red, green or blue light output.
The system is operating at temperatures from -40 °C up to +50 and is having an ingress protection rating IP 66.

This portable lighting system – POLARIS light unit – is lightweight, durable, waterproof, and has been developed for fast deployment by non-skilled operators.
Polaris is using LED technology with dedicated optics in order to increase photometric performances, save on energy and reduce life cycle costs, compared to the standard incandescent lamps.
Autonomy is ranging be from 14 hours (full power, steady, RWE omnidirectional) up to 24 days (low power, flashing, APP).
The system is operating at temperatures from -40 °C up to +50 and is having an ingress protection rating IP 66.

All the Signalight products and lighting systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

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Portable runway light system Columbia

Project Information

Location Pereira Colombia
Application ,
Date April, 2014

Products used in this project

Polaris TND

Polaris Threshold End

AL 114-04-GR-RE

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