Krasnodar (Russia) helipad lighting system

This is a complex helipad lighting system on a circular helipad, with perimetral TLOF lights and yellow marking for the landing area. All the lights are controlled and powered from the heliport controller V3. The wind direction is indicated by the wind-cone with external lights.

The features of the lighting products designed and manufactured by Signalight for this special project:

  • Inset TLOF (Touchdown and lift off area), Inset FATO – Final Approach and Take Off Area having important features like high power LED technology – OSRAM leds. Also, the lighting products manufactured by Signalight are very reliable, lightweight, low-energy consuming and environment friendly. Using aluminium alloys reduces fitting weight and eases handling in the field. In addition to this, ease of maintenance is an important feature, demanded usually by the aviation field. All lighting products and systems are certified according to ICAO, IEC TS 61827 standards.
  • Wind direction indicator – this product gives clear and very useful information about the direction of the wind and also the wind speed, which is very important for aircraft safety.
  • Heliport V3 controller covers the needs for controlling the lights, powering, and monitoring the lighting circuits and guidance systems, protecting the equipment on this helipad in Krasnodar, in Russia.

As usually, Signalight ensures that heliport lighting products and systems accomplish all the client needs and incorporate premium quality materials.
With this lighting products we ensure that the guiding activity on the heliport is more efficient and more safe.

We ensure flexibility and full technical support for integrating our solutions according to our customer requirements. Developing products and solutions for efficient, accessible and sustainable lighting field, we are a reliable partner for our partners and contractors worldwide.

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Krasnodar Helipad Russia

Project Information

Location Krasnodar, Russia
Date May, 2019

Products used in this project

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