Heliport lighting C.T.I.C Bogota

Heliport lighting by Signalight for Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo cancer research and treatment center


The Center for Cancer Research and Treatment project developed by the Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Foundation is located to the north of the city of Bogota facing the mountains. For this center, Signalight produced  the heliport lighting products.

The Center has a heliport for quick and easy access to the patients. For the efficient and proper illumination solutions, Signalight provided some heliport lighting essential products such as:

  • Heliport controller and powering electrical cabinet – ensuring optimal control and monitoring of lighting circuits
  • Inset alignments lights and inset TLOF lights – with low power consumption
  • Powerful Floodlight projectors 20W – for proper TLOF area illumination
  • Heliport Beacon – functional even in difficult environments – operating temperature from -40 to +50 ° C – to signal the presence of the heliport.

All the Signalight heliport lighting products and heliport lighting systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

Helicopters are an extremely efficient transport solution for health clinics, being fast and requiring a small landing area.
A heliport requires a certain set-up of lighting to be a safe place, no matter the environmental conditions for the take-off and the landing of helicopters. Regardless of the season, whether it’s raining or snowing, no matter what, a heliport, especially one built for medical purposes, should be perfectly functional.
Additionally, the lights on the heliport must be installed so that the lighting intensity can be adjusted for optimal visibility and controlling optical effects such as brightness or different reflections.

SIGNALIGHT developed heliport lights products that prove to be reliable and efficient, ensuring great support for the activities within the heliport.

This types of heliport lighting products may differ, depending on the location of the heliport. The good news is that at SIGNALIGHT we can design and build custom illuminating solutions depending on the location and the needs of the client.

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heliport lighting products

Project Information

Location C.T.I.C Bogota Colombia
Date October, 2021

Products used in this project


Inset Alignment

AL-089-03-WH – ALIG

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