Heliport lighting and guiding in Novorossiysk, Russia

Complete heliport lighting and guiding system installed in Russia, close to Novorossiysk city

Heliport lighting and guiding system – powered and controlled from heliport controller V3, with GSM option for remote control.

The controller is installed into a container for better weather protection.

Perimeter lights are GREEN, made with INSET TLOF lights.

There is a single approach and take-off direction signalized with ALIGNMENT INSET lights.

The floodlight system is made with 20W projectors.

For wind direction, we used a wind cone externally illuminated and marked on top with a low intensity obstruction light.

A heliport allows helicopters to land and take off safely, at any time of the day and, especially, regardless of weather conditions. The design, construction and lighting of heliports must comply with certain international aviation requirements and regulations, with FAA and ICAO benchmarks in this regard.

The construction of a heliport must also be adapted to the requirements of the infrastructure.

All Signalight all the heliport lighting products meet customer needs and comply with all ICAO and FAA regulations.
Developing a lighting project of a heliport, Signalight uses high quality materials, the lighting products being efficient and durable, easy and quick to install, easy to maintain.

The development of a lighting product involves precision, advanced technology, testing in conditions similar to those in which it will be used and takes into account long-term operation.

In general, any product or lighting system for heliports must provide to the direct beneficiary at least the following advantages:
• Maximum visibility
• Easy installation
• Long-term operation
• Low energy consumption
• Low maintenance costs

Heliport lighting products from Signalight are produced as complex lighting systems or individual high lights, flat lights, guidance lights, framed lights and controllers.
For a custom offer, please get in touch with us. If you want more details, please check our heliport lighting or heliport lighting system menu.

Novorossiysk Heliport Lights

Project Information

Location Novorossiysk Russia
Date December, 2019

Products used in this project


Inset Alignment

AL-089-03-WH – ALIG

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