Heliport antiaeriana Bucharest Romania

Heliport in a military base in Bucharest, Romania, is a project that needed lighting and beaconing solutions from Signalight.

Our contribution to the illuminating system included heliport FATO, TLOF, ALIGNMENT, Wind Indicator, and Controller.

All our products contain top-quality materials, including for this heliport in a military base, and comply with international standards ICAO, FAA. Our illuminating products and systems are innovative, compact, lightweight, and very stable in difficult environmental conditions, with high-power LED technology.

At a temperature range of -55 to +55 degrees, these heliport lighting products are perfectly functional.

• Inset alignment – this illuminating product is lightweight, low-energy consuming, and environment friendly
• Inset FATO – the product is used for the final approach and take-off area on the heliport
• Inset TLOF – the product is designed and manufactured by Signalight for the landing and take-off area on the heliport
• Wind Direction Indicator – this product is very useful for the pilots to identify the direction and the speed of the wind
• Heliport Controller V2 – we build it to control and provide the power requirements of an entire lighting system on the heliport in a military base, to be compact and simple to use it. You can control the brightness through 3 levels: 10%, 30%, and 100%.
The Heliport Controller V2 designed and manufactured by Signalight is totally protected from overload, over-voltage, and over-temperature conditions and all these features are making it suitable for a heliport in a military base.

For more details regarding our complete heliport lighting system, just get in contact with us.
We are manufacturing complete systems or individual Elevated Lights, Flat Lights, Floodlight, Guidance Lights, Inset Lights, and Controllers for heliports, helipads, and helidecks. Our lighting products and solutions are distributed all over the world.

If you want to see more about our work, please check periodically the Projects section on this website.
Also, to order accessories for the existing illuminating products, please call our customer support.

Heliport antiaeriana Bucharest

Project Information

Location Bucuresti
Date May, 2020

Products used in this project


Inset Alignment

AL-089-03-WH – ALIG

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