Airport Tg. Mures

The core of this project is guidance for airport Tg. Mures, Romania.

Airport guidance signs provide direction and information to taxiing aircraft and airport vehicles.

Targu Mureș Transilvania Airport is an international airport located 14 km southwest of Targu Mures, Mures County.

Signalight has the capabilities to design and manufacture a complete range of signage products for the aviation industry, including a variety of LED lights and non-illuminated signs according to our client’s needs, including for guidance for airport Tg. Mures project. Signalight signs are known for durability and performance:

• Precision approach path indicator
• Arresting gear marking
• Runway threshold identification light
• Runway guard light
• Wind direction indicator
• Visual alignment guidance system
• Unserviceability light
• Guidance signs

The signage is mandatory for airports and very useful especially in difficult environmental conditions with low visibility, ensuring clear visibility at all times, under all weather conditions.

Saving energy, minimizing maintenance, being easy to install, efficiency in working environments from -50 to + 50 °C, and quality materials incorporated is the main advantage of Signalight illuminating products for the aviation field, including guidance for airport Tg. Mures.

Signalight guidance products for airport are suitable for any airport needs, being manufactured according to international aviation standards.
Illuminated Airport Taxiway Sign has been designed for guidance by Signalight having very power energy power consumption, lightweight, and environment-friendly lighting fitting. The products are designed for long lifetime use.

Guidance for airport Tg. Mures is comply with all international technical and operational guidelines and regulations. All the Signalight products and lighting systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

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Targu Mureș Transilvania Airport

Project Information

Location Tg. Mures, Romania
Date September, 2020

Products used in this project

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