Runway system for Aerodrome Fratauti

Runway system for Aerodrome Fratauti

Runway lighting system for Aerodrome Fratauti, Romania.

Every airport, heliport, aerodrome providing flight operations need to be equipped with a complete lighting system, helping pilots to do landing and takeoff safely.
Runway lights need to be ICAO compliant (aviation international regulations).
Runway lights are important for illuminating the area where aircraft take off and land. The benefits of this type of light are relevant especially during the night and during low visibility conditions.
At Signalight we have complete lighting systems and products for airports, heliports, aerodromes runway lighting.
Signalight produces runway lights – Vista system for airport lighting has received the Innovation Award at Inter Airport Europe.

Sinalight designed and manufactured VISTA lighting products in order to provide maximum safety. All Vista products are compact, flexible and reliable products, fitting to a large range of infrastructures, being perfectly functional in any kind of environmental conditions, even at temperatures between -50°C to +55°C. This is a maximum advantage!

We made it to be easy to install and use immediately, with no specialized skills to be required. This simplification is truly appreciated by our clients worldwide.
Optional, we can add a radio remote control, enabling pilot control without ground assistance.

For this project, Signalight produced and delivered a runway system for aerodrome, using two types of runway lights: Vista Runway Edge and Vista Threshold End.

These runway lights systems are made with LEDs, powered in 230 VAC. Each runway edge lamp is using a photocell to change the brightness between day mode and night mode. During the day the runway edge lights brightness is 1000 cd in each direction and there is an omnidirectional beam of 50 cd for circling lights indicating the edge of the runway. During the night the runway edge lights are dimmed to 10% brightness.

All the airport lighting products are installed on fiberglass white pyramids. For better visibility during the day, the pyramides have a red stripe.

Aeroport Fratauti

Project Information

Location Fratauti, Romania
Date October, 2021

Products used in this project

Runway Threshold End elevated light

Vista Threshold End

AL 104-04-GR/RE

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