NCD River Plaza Heliport

TLOF elevated lighting system for NCD River Plaza in Mongolia is designed and manufactured by Signalight in Romania.
This lighting product incorporating high power LED technology is lightweight and environment friendly.
The TLOF lights comply with international standards and identify the TLOF area for helicopters on heliports, helipads, and helidecks. The omnidirectional TLOF lights are made with green LEDs.
Thanks to LED technology, these TLOF elevated lights are low energy consuming and easy maintenance.

River Plaza is a luxurious apartment complex developed by NCD Group, a leading construction company in Mongolia. River Plaza Mongolia is a high structure equipped with a heliport. The contribution of Signalight consisted in providing heliport lighting products: heliport TLOF elevated lights – very important for marking the Touchdown and Lift-Off (TLOF) area.
River Plaza offers an excellent architectural planning solution that provides the ultimate comfort and convenience. This luxury includes two towers with retail space and 168 business apartments.
Having its own heliport is an important feature and makes River Plaza a high-class living style and the ultimate destination for people looking for a dream apartment.
Usually, residential high-rise buildings use heliports for emergency evacuation: for easy evacuation in the case of natural calamity and most importantly, in case of fire, especially to evacuate people when the lower floors are inaccessible. Or even in case of an emergency landing of faulty helicopters. Heliports play a very important role nowadays for high-rise buildings, on their rooftops.

Signalight designs and manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for the heliports, airports, obstruction, and portable lighting systems, at premium quality and latest technology in order to keep in safety the aviation field.
All the Signalight products and lighting systems, including TLOF elevated lighting system, are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

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Heliport Mongolia

Project Information

Location Mongolia
Date September, 2020

Products used in this project

Heliport elevated TLOF light

Elevated Heliport TLOF


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