Heliport of Poland President in Jurata

In this project, we replaced old inset lights with INSET LED heliport / helipad lighting products. The replacements were adapted to fit exactly in the existing shallow bases and to be powered from the same supply unit.

This little village – Jurata – is Poland’s most attractive seaside resort, frequented by the artistic elite and by the Polish president.

In Jurata there is a conference center operating throughout the year, used for meetings for the Polish President with politicians and, also, for recreational purposes. It can be reached by land, sea and the air – there is a heliport that made the object of Signalight project.

The product used for Jurata project was Signalight INSET LED lights for heliport, more specifically INSET FATO. These are special lights for Final Approach and Take Off Area of the heliport. These are certified lights according to ICAO.
The INSET LED lights contain anti condensation valve and are UV protected, these features being extremely important for a heliport on a water medium.

High power LED technology brings the advantage of 100000 hours estimated lifetime and is low-energy consuming – 9W. INSET FATO lights are also lightweight and environment-friendly lighting fitting.
These lights are perfectly working in an operating environment with a temperature range -55 to +55 Celsius degree.

The LEDs used by Signalight are laboratory tested and they are having net superior ratio to other light sources between the luminous flux and the electrical consumption. That is because of the specialized optical system and the efficiency of the power supplies that are used.
With almost no maintenance at all, LED-based lighting fixtures are adequate to be used in difficult access areas.

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Jurata Heliport

Project Information

Location Jurata Poland
Date March, 2021

Products used in this project

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