Fox Lake Airport

Airport runway lighting systems designed and produced by Signalight are premium quality products, innovative and customized according to our clients’ needs.

Having a long professional experience of over 22 years in manufacturing aviation lights, we designed aiport runway lighting systems in oder to deliver the best solution that comply with the challenges in aviatic field.

Fox Lake Airport is located northwest of Fox Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Developing performant products, ICAO and FAA and all local standards and requirements compliant, Signalight provides maximum safety in any conditions of weather or temperature for all the airport procedures.
There are many different designs with regard to runway lighting systems, and the applications that are required is dependent on the category of the airfield.
Signalight manufactured for this airport located in Canada the complete Vista airport lighting range of products. VISTA is an elevated runway LED lighting system for airports designed for non-instrument runways or non-precision approach runways with low or medium intensity obstruction lights.

  • Vista Approach – guiding the pilots on the landing direction to the airport runway
  • Vista Runway Edge – guiding the edge of the airport runway
  • Vista Runway End – guiding the end of the airport runway
  • Vista Taxiway – guiding the taxiing way for the pilots
  • Vista Threshold – guiding the threshold of the airport runway
  • Vista Threshold End – guiding the end of the airport runway

Our Vista airport lighting products were awarded with Innovation Award at Inter Airport Europe, Munchen.
The premium quality Vista products are making aviation a safer place and are increasing flight operation efficiency.

All the Signalight products and lighting systems, including airport runway lighting systems, are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

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Project Information

Location Fox Lake Canada
Date October, 2017

Products used in this project

Runway Threshold End elevated light

Vista Threshold End

AL 104-04-GR/RE

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