Campia Turzii

RoAF 71st Air NATO Base

The Romanian Air Force 71st Air Base (Baza 71 Aeriană “General Emanoil Ionescu”) is located near the city of Câmpia Turzii, in Cluj County. The 71st Airbase was founded on 1 June 2002, according to the Romanian Armed Forces reorganization program. It is named after Emanoil Ionescu, a general who commanded the Royal Romanian Air Force during World War II.

Since its foundation, the unit has become one of the best units of the Air Force thanks to the pilots’ proficiency in carrying out flight missions, day and night and all-weather, and to the responsibility of the logistic support personnel.

In January 2001, the unit received the first MIG-21 LanceR fighter planes, and the pilots started the transition to the new model.

In order to enhance the United States’ ability to use it to for operations in the Black Sea region the base started a vast renovating program, in 2020 we supplied the runway guidance signs. This products are using the latest technology available on the market.

Guidance Signs

Project Information

Location Campia Turzii
Date November, 2020

Products used in this project

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